Hi, I’m Retta, a user experience designer and web strategist

  • Are you a small business owner with great ideas but could use some help building an online brand and setting goals for growing your business?
  • Are you a content creator that wants to build a beautiful space to showcase your writing, artwork, (insert your craft here)… a web site that helps you connect with others?
  • Do you already have a web presence but want to take it to the next level and make sure it is working for you?

As a user experience designer and business strategist, my goal is to help you meet your business goals while also build an amazing experience for your customers. I have a wide range of expertise from goal and content planning to design and development. I’m not just a designer for hire that cranks out templated site, I want to become part of your team and collaborate to build the best product possible and celebrate with you as we watch it grow!

You just want to run your business,  not learn web programming and  design to get it out there.   I can help with that.

SharonFinal“I was in business for a couple of years before working with Retta. My relationship with the company that created and maintained my website at the time was just okay. I found myself growing more frustrated by their lack of interest in really getting to know me, the values, and purpose of my business.

Then Retta walked into my life and everything changed. I know it sounds cliche’ but it’s so true! Retta has been my go to gal for so much in my business for over five years now. It all started with building a website that lit me up every time I visited (which was often!). Retta met with me and took the time to really get to know me, my customers, my needs, and my desires for my business. She asks great clarifying questions which helps me to get really clear about what I’m doing and why. Less time is wasted on things not working and I get to spend more time doing what I love.

She has also been instrumental in helping me to promote my programs not only through my website but also with printed materials. My retreats and trainings fill quickly and I’m sure a big part of that is the quality of the materials she creates. She designed my first e-book and it is simply gorgeous.

Most recently I’ve been working with Retta to define my goals more clearly and find ways to track my progress. I’ve found that to be super helpful and I’ve actually been excited about numbers and some of the left brain details around my business. As my business has evolved over the years so has my relationship with Retta. One thing always stays the same: She always exceeds my expectations, matches my excitement over my projects, is timely and professional, and THE best as what she does.”

Sharon Tessandori